High quality standards and the continuous research for technologically advanced solutions


The manufacturing process is carried out in compliance with high quality and certified standards and it is based on continuous researches for technologically advanced solutions. This allows us to provide products always meeting international laws and the stricter and stricter specifications given by our customers.

Our manufacturing department has presses available for injection moulding and LSR moulding.

The range of dimensions goes from a minimum of 1 mm up to a maximum of 800 mm as outside diameter. We can manufacture parts having a weight up to 4,700 kg.

Periodic significant investments are earmarked for our moulding department, aimed at ensuring a constant technological renewal and an a suitable environmental background in terms of livableness and cleanliness.

Tools and machinery in our manufacturing department are subject to real time online monitoring and interfaced with the company information system. This way we can guarantee the correctness of data, the storing of manufacturing parameters and automatic set-up, as well as the monitoring of sensitive parameters.

In addition to our traditional manufacturing process, upon customer’s request, we also manufacture “assembled” items, including the assembling of purchased parts, such as metal inserts, springs, plastic parts etc.