A wide range of elastomeric materials to meet at our best any requirement of our customers


Our company gained significant knowledge in the manufacturing process of materials, thus allowing us to respond more and more suitably to the various requirements and reduce as much as possible any issue related to the production phase, optimizing costs and performances.

Raw materials are exclusively supplied by local certified suppliers having a historic business relationship with Italstock, they are stored in proper environment equipped with climate control and handled through the FIFO system. Each single compound batch is identified by its own code giving guarantee of full traceability up to the finished product.


Thanks to the strengthened knowledge on materials, Italstock is able to use, within his manufacturing process, a wide range of elastomers on the market, among which:

• EPDM – Etilene Propilene
• CR – Cloroprene
• NBR – Nitrile
• HNBR – Nitrile Idrogenato
• FKM – Fluoroelastomero
• FFKM – Perfluoroelastomero
• VMQ – Silicone
• FVMQ – Fluorosilicone
• ACM – Acrilato di etilene
• AEM – Gomma etilen-acrilica
• ECO – Gomma epicloridrinica
• LSR – Silicone Liquido
• NR – Gomma Naturale
• SBR – Stirene Butadiene