Expertise and competence for a concrete support in the co-design and co-engineering activity


Over the years, Italstock developed a considerable know-how in the design of sealing elements for various applications, offering a concrete support in the co-engineering and co-design activity with competence and expertise, thanks also to the most up-to-date working and engineering technologies with which we are equipped.

Thanks to his consolidated experience and to excellent co-engineering resources, Italstock is specialized in the customized product. In a context of maximum willingness and flexibility, the work team is able to provide customer with all necessary support for the co-engineering and development of his own products, in compliance with specific norms or international standards, and addressed to a wide range of applications.

Italstock has been using systematically the tools of advanced product quality planning (APQP-PPAP) such as: feasibility studies, FMEA, re-examinations, verifications, project and process validations, arising from the analysis of customer’ specifications, technical documents and requirements.

Within our wide manufacturing range, we can find the following item families: lip rings / bellows / diaphragms / grommets / frames / washers / o-rings / dampers and shock absorbers / hoses / rubber-metal parts / LSR parts etc.